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Re: Just joined the site You act like I have some type of superior knowledge. I tried to help you out and you wanted to run y
Re: Just joined the site Don't get short with me you fucking prick. You're clearly doing something wrong. Good luck figuring
Re: Just joined the site go to the leaderboards and click join regional leaderboards. quite simple.
Re: My stats don't show up so this isnt you?
Re: Just joined the site ^ then you need to join regional leaderboards
Re: How to view a users public profile? i want to go from this: to this: http://divisio
Re: How to view a users public profile? ok im on the leaderboards. i click whoever is ranked #1. i want to send him a private message or wha
How to view a users public profile? how do i get to someones profile if i click on them in the leader boards?
Re: Rouge Kills to get a rogue kill you need to be credited with the kill in the game. it will tell you in the botto
Re: Cant find myself [quote=xSharpShooterR][quote=DuaLity][quote=xSharpShooterR][quote=5TONE][quote=xSharpShooterR]Hello,
Re: Cant find myself [quote=xSharpShooterR][quote=5TONE][quote=xSharpShooterR]Hello, I have trouble adding myself to the
Re: leaderboards and how many people (agents) you have killed? im pretty sure they said they cant add stat counts

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