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Welcome, Agent!

We know you're hard at working making Manhattan safe again (unless you've gone Rogue), however you sometimes just want to show off some of your stats to your allies. That's why we're pleased to announce DivisionTracker. You might already be familiar with DestinyTracker or HaloTracker.

With the introduction of DivisionTracker we will have some basic statistics available for all players on all platforms.

Your Profile

Here is a list of all the available data we have at the moment, we're hard at work getting more!

  • Playtime - How long you've spend roaming New York
  • Player Level - Your regular in-game level
  • Darkzone Level - Your level you gain in the DZ
  • Completion - Completion percentage of the Main story
  • Kills - Total amount of enemies you've killed
  • Items Extracted - The gear you've extracted from the DZ
  • Skill Kills - Kills you've made using skills
  • Rogue Players Killed - Amount of rogue players you've killed

On your profile page you will see the previously mentioned stats with graphs so that you and others can follow your in-game progress daily. Some of the graphs included kills by day, playtime by day and how many items you extract every day. To keep these stats up to date you would need to visit your profile at least once a day.

The Leaderboards

We also provide leaderboards for all players that have their account searched on DivisionTracker. These leaderboards are available for all stats. You can even sign up to join our regional leaderboards to see how you rank against players in your country.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy the site. If you have any feedback you can provide it on our Help Forums.

Havoc Reckoning

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Really enjoying this division tracker. #Motivation

João Paulo da Silva

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Hey! Is it possible for me to have access to the Data API of tracker? I would love to build my own app to put in my website


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Thanks for making this!